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Workshop: Do More with Less: Roots and Drip Irrigation with Robert Kourik


1, 2014


From 10:00 AM TO 3:00 PM
Event: Petaluma
Status: Closed

In times of drought ‘doing more with less’ is not just a trend, but is the new normal.  Come learn how drip irrigation can improve plant production while reducing water use.  This day is for people dedicated to re-hydrating their lives, soils, and roots using lean watering methods!

The workshop begins at Cavanagh Community Center with an interactive presentation by roots and irrigation guru, Robert Kourik.  He’ll give us a solid foundation on the relationship between roots, soil, and water.  After an enlightening presentation, we’ll spend the rest of the day immersed in water-wise practices.  After the lecture at Cavanagh Center we'll head to Petaluma City Hall and tour the edible landscape and community gardens, break for a potluck lunch, and then get hands-on drip irrigation installation experience at the recently planted rain garden.

Join us for an educational and skill-building day that will empower your water-saving abilities!

What to bring:
  friend, pen, notebook, water, hat, sunscreen, gloves, a small potluck item to share (enough for ~4 people)

The lecture portion of the day will be at Cavanagh Community Center, 426 8th Street, Petaluma. The tour and hands-on portion of the day will be at Petaluma City Hall, 11 English Street.

Register today!  Space is limited for both the lecture and hands-on experience.

Robert Kourik is an educator, consultant, designer, and author of seminal landscaping literature such as Roots Demystified: Change Your Gardening Habits to Help Roots Thrive.  He was the Director of the Edible Landscape Program of the Farallones Institute Rural Center in Occidental.  As part of the Santa Barbara County Graywater Task Force he drafted the first legal graywater ordinance in America.  Robert’s expertise on irrigation, landscape design, and graywater is not to be missed! 

Find more of his literature, expertise, and inspiration on his website, blog, and Facebook:




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Venue :
Cavanagh Community Center, 426 8th Street

Petaluma, California, 94952

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